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SPOTLIGHT: Controlled Burns by Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley creates Controlled Burns, a series of striking images that showcase swirling and imposing clouds of black, white, and gray smoke. A commentary on human’s torn relationship with nature. More after the jump: 

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Finnish Artist Ilkka Halso - “My work deals with man’s ambivalent relation to nature. It is typical for human beings to mold nature, justifying their actions by their aesthetic and economic aspirations. But nature cannot endure everything. In my photographs, control over nature has acquired a concrete form. The elements of nature have been rethought and have, for logistical purposes, been packed into modules that are easier to handle. The whole of nature is stored in a gigantic warehouse complex and the most common types of nature from soil and flora to fauna can be easily assembled into working ecosystems. What is happening? Has nature been evacuated to await better times, or has it been simplified into merchandise and absurd tableaux? I am looking into the future. I don’t like what I see.”

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Michael Carson

Artist who likes to tell a story. His figures usually find themselves in bars, nightclubs, cafes, and jazz clubs; even at home in intimate settings. 

Fuck this is amazing! Love the style!

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Van Gogh. Spring has sprung. 

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Vincent Van Gogh

Landscape with Couple Walking and Crescent Moon, 1890, oil on canvas, 49.5 x 45.5 cm, Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo.

Drawings by Brooks Shane Salzwedel


Hold That Thought

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Fra Angelico, The Annunciation (Convento di San Marco, Florence), 1450

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Peter Gentenaar

Because I started out as a printmaker and sculptor, it took time to loose the idea that paper was a helpful carrier for prints or a filler for moulds. Gradually I found that the single sheet of paper, which had not dried yet, had all the possibilities I needed. A paper sheet is thin and strong and can be compared to the leaf on a tree or plant. Reinforced with very thin ribs of bamboo that look like the ribs of a leaf, the analogy between the sheet of paper and the plant form is emphasized even more.

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Japanese Art: A Girl in a Field. Senpan Maekawa. 1946

Stainless Steel & Sterling Silver Kimono / Miya Ando


Artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera transforming some of Paris’ potholes into colorful art installations.


Friday Mini-Feature: The art of Eyvind Earle.